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Guidelines Relating to Re-Evaluation of Answer-Book

  1. If an examinee is in doubt or is not satisfied with the marks obtained in any theory paper or papers in a subject or subjects , he/she may apply for re-evaluation of his/her answer-books. In case of practicals, viva voce examination, field work, dissertation and seminars, this clause shall not be applicable.
  2. Every application along with a free of Rs. 100/- for re-evaluation of each answer-book should reach the Registrar, National Museum Institute within one month of the declaration of the examination result.
  3. Within ten days from the date of receipt of the application for re-evaluation two external examiners in the subject concerned other than the one who initially valued, shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor and the answer-books shall be sent to these examiners with the instruction for returning them after re-evaluation within fifteen days.
  4. The marks awarded by the two examiners to whom the answer-book is referred, will be noted by them in two separate sheets (Roll Lists) and the average of the two awarded will be worked out in the Institute office. The marks so arrived at will be treated as Revised Award.
  5. If the marks after re-evaluation vary from the original marking by more than 10% marks of the full marks of the paper, the re-evaluation fee deposited by the candidates shall be refunded.
  6. Along with the answer-book of the particular examinee sent for re-evaluation, four more answer-books of the other examinees in the same subject and paper are also to be sent to the two reappointed examiners with the request that the standard of re-evaluation of the former examiners may be followed. In selecting four answer-books, two answer-books should be of the examinees having roll number prior to the roll number of the examinee concerned and two answer-books having the roll number after the concerned examinee’s roll number in successive continuation.
  7. If there be any change in the result of the examination due to re-evaluation of answer-books, no examinee can complain in the Court of Law nor can any action be taken against the examiner concerned.
  8. The examiners appointed for re-evaluation shall be paid the prescribed remuneration.
  9. Notwithstanding anything contained anywhere in the aforesaid clause, the Vice-Chancellor may get the answer-books of any examinee(s) of any paper (s) re-valued if, in his opinion, maintenance of academic standard and interest calls for such an action.

Note:In such case, there will be possibility of both increase or decrease in original marks but no appeal shall lie against the revised awarded marks.


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(Deemed to be University)
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