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of History of Art, Conservation and Museology
(Deemed to be University)
Ministry of Culture, Government of India
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Dissertation Topic
Pankaj Kahalekar Nahar E- Ambari- An underground aqueduct of Aurangabad: Water as solution for the problem of Salt attack Dr. Satish Pandey
Anshika Jain Climate control and Monitoring for museum collection: A case study of Janapada Sampada, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts Dr. Achal Pandya
Mahima Saraswat Artificial Saliva as a Cleaning agent Prof. M. V. Nair
Shilpa Brahmanand Comparative study of solvents to remove modern resins from oil paintings Prof. M. V. Nair
Masooma Rizvi Comparative evaluation of varnishes and their behaviour on oil paitings from a conservator`s point of view Shri. K.K. Gupta



Dissertation Topic
Kalpana Technical Study of Wall painting in Gurdwara Baba Atal Dr. Satish Pandey
Eisha Essential oil as fungicide for paper based object Dr. Satish Pandey
Imrana Wasi Cleaning of Tarnished silver objects: A comparative study of different cleaning agents. Dr. Satish Pandey
Amira Sultan Kapoor The Realm of Ethics: Principles and Practices of Conservation. Dr. Satish Pandey



Dissertation topic
Ms. Bhawana Kathuria Selection criteria for lining adhesive for paper based materials issues of minimal intervention and reversibility Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Ritu Egg white as an additive for grouts: an assessment of their working properties and performance characteristics Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Anuja Mukherjee Mechanical effects of adhesives used for lining oil paintings on canvas Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Garima Identification of altered pigment from the wall painting by using Raman spectroscopy Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Ashna Rawat Application of polymer nanocomposites as ultraviolet radiation blocking material in museum environment Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Prerana Investigate the effectiveness of micro emulsions to remove surface coating on the porous surface FTIR Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Nivedita Application of RTI for surface analysis and documentation of paintings Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Anchal #D documentation of cultural heritage using close rage Photogrammetry Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Shalini Yadev Comparatives study of Methyl cellulose gel in different solvents for cleaning oil paintings. Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Sakhi Conservation and framing of artwork. Dr. Satish Pandey
Ms. Sudhir Role of Solvents in surface coating of oil painting Dr. Satish Pandey
of History of Art, Conservation & Museology
(Deemed to be University)
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