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of History of Art, Conservation and Museology
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1. Fees payable at the Accounts Section In the institute at the time of admission:

Registration Fee
Caution Money (Refundable)


2. Fees payable at Bank:

M.A. Courses: Rs.10,000/- Per Annum

Ph. D. Courses: Rs.15,000/- Per Annum


3. Evaluation Charges:

Ph.D. Thesis Submission Fee
Fee for re-evaluation of M.A. answer book
Rs.500/- per answer book



  • The caution money is refundable to students after deduction of relevant dues, if any, within four years of their leaving the Institute.  If no claim for refund is received within the period, the caution money shall be forfeited after getting no dues certificate from the concerned departments and no claim shall be entertained for refund after that.
  • If a student/research scholar fails to deposit his/her dues by the dates notified, he/she shall be liable to pay a delay fine of Rs.10/- provided that he/she clears his/her dues before the end of the month in which the dues are payable and a fine of Rs.25/- if he/she clears dues by the 15th of the following month.
  • The student’s name is liable to be struck off after this date but he/she may be re-admitted on payable of Rs.100/- (apart from the regular fee for the course) as re-admission fee and no delay fine be charged, only after Registrar’s approval.
  • All the fees are to be paid within the first week of the first month of semester or before starting the semester. A grace period of seven days may be allowed only in the case of medical reasons.
  • The Vice-Chancellor may waive the recover of delay fines and re-admission fees in deserving cases. V.C. may also delegate this authority to the Registrar and prescribe conditions as may be deemed necessary for the purpose.
  • All fees and deposits are required to be paid in cash or by Bank Demand Draft or cheque  in favour of the Registrar, NMIHACM, New Delhi at Bank of Baroda as per banking hours.
  • Cheque returned by the Bank on which it is drawn, for any reason whatsoever, shall be treated as non-payment of dues and an additional amount of Rs.50/- shall be charged towards expenses alongwith the late fee.
  • No fee shall be treated as of the current semester or advance until and unless all previous fees/dues are cleared in full.
  • Any amendment to the schedule of fees provided or the fees of course not provided above shall be as laid down by the Board of Management from time to time.
  • It is not mandatory for the Institute to issue fee notice/reminder regarding non-payment of fees.
  • Identity Card and Library Card shall be issued only after depositing the dues/fees at Bank.
  • Any clarification regarding the payment of fees may be sought from the Finance Officer and Assistant Registrar (Academic) of the Institute.


Short-Term Courses

Rs.5000/- to be deposited in the office after receiving admission letter.
of History of Art, Conservation & Museology
(Deemed to be University)
Janpath, New Delhi 110011
Phone: +91 11 23012106

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